Engraving Service

Engraving is to carve, cut or etch a design, lettering or logo onto plastic, metal, glass or wood. As such, engraving can also be done on acrylic and crystal products to personalized the items as gifts to others. The size and complexity of the job can affect the cost of engraving.

Embroidery Service

Embroidery is using strands of threads of various colours stitched onto fabric or materials to form design or logo. It can be done on finished products like apparels, sport bags, towels, uniforms, haversack, etc. The cost of embroidery depend on the number of stitches of the design. 

Printing Service

The art, process or business of producing printed material by means of inked type and a printing press or by similar means is known as printing. Factors affecting the cost of printing depends on the type of ink used, number of colors and the complexity of the design.